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our philosophy

You want it?

You got it.

Every Tailor-Made Trivia show is entirely original and specially tailored to the client’s request.

Want 50 questions about musicals of the 1960s? A whole night of political trivia? Or a focus on sports, video games, TV shows, chemistry? Done.

Want the questions to rhyme? Want them written in iambic pentameter? Want visual or audio clues? You got it.

Want supremely difficult questions that would befuddle the most seasoned trivia pro? Or simple questions that allow you to just have fun and hang out? Not a problem at all.

Tailor-Made Trivia shows are limited only by the imagination of the client—however you want the show to look is the way we’ll make it. Our prices are competitive and negotiable dependent on client needs. Contact us today to discuss totally one-of-a-kind trivia.

Note: We started as a digital option during quarantine, but are now starting to service in-person events.

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